Young Adult Contemporary Romance

MEANT TO BE BROKEN, A Carolina Clay Novel

Small town Southern life has always felt…well, fake to seventeen-year-old Rayne Davidson. She loathes always having to do what’s expected while other people trade out faces like underwear. When the town’s favorite all-star QB Preston Howard wants to date her, Rayne is initially swept away by the idea of being with THE hot guy, even if she’s skeptical of his motives. But once they’re together, she secretly struggles to feel a spark. Until she does—with Preston’s black-sheep brother, Gage, who literally has an invitation to break the rules inked on his body.

Both competitive to a fault, Rayne and Gage challenge each other, but the biggest challenge of all is concealing the feelings developing between them, because as it turns out, there are rules that shouldn’t be broken, like cheating on your boyfriend or causing rifts between brothers. When their secret infatuation is exposed on the school’s jumbotron at the biggest football game of the year, Preston dumps Rayne into Gage’s eager arms, and she realizes the truth really does set you free. Or does it?

When her anxiety-riddled Mama confesses to a decades-long tangle of lies and cover-ups between the two families, Gage questions his identity and runs, Preston steps up and Rayne once again folds under pressure, choosing to protect everyone around her instead of following her heart. That is, until Gage returns. Now she must decide whether to continue with the lies to save the family’s reputation in town or admit the truth and risk losing the only one she truly loves.